About the hearth

In my pursue of learning and finding personal development resources, I found out about a non-profit research institute, a little more unusual, called The HeartMath Institute. They make research about the energy generated by our heart an its wonders. But, we are not talking about the organ itself, but about the area located in the center of the chest and around it, the so called 4th chakra or the heart chakra. The most important concept they talk about is heart-coherence, which means bringing the mind and emotions into coeherent alingnment with the heart. In other words, not living so much in our heads, but thinking with the heart. The benefits are amazing: clear thinking, proper imune system, calmness, and increased levels of energy. How to achieve this? on the HeartMath website you can find free exercises, videos, articles, pdfs, e-books and other resources. One great exercise is this one:Institute of HeartMath. I do it every morning and I see great results: increased energy level, easier to find solutions, to be more postive and to see the bright side in each experience.

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