What is reality?

People often say: You should be more realistic about your goals! Stop dreaming! You are living in a world of fantasy!

What is really this reality that we are living in? How real is it?

We believe that life is hard, and things don’t come easy, we believe that we need to have a 9 to 5 office job to have enough money and to be happy, we believe we don’t have enough power to change things, we believe we are small and our opinion doesn’t counts, and we believe that we need to act in a certain way for people to accept us, that we should not trust strangers, we believe what we see in TV, we believe that life is a struggle, and we believe in wars, we believe that the world is dangerous….and so many other things that we believe about ourselves and the other, and about life and the world. But, how many of these are actually true? Why don’t we take responsability for what happens in the world and in our life?Why don’t we accept that we together as human beings are creating everything that is happening in the world? Just look at how many things we have built together as humanity in the last century? corporations, imposing buildings and skykrapers, megacities, supermachines, super intelligent computers, but also war, fight and struggle. Can we accept that every little thing that we do, our job, our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, our conversations create a little bit of the world we live in and together we create the reality on this planet. We have so much power and our actions impact the world much more than we want to believe and not accepting it is iresponsabile.

What do I believe in?

As ABBA would say I believe in angels!

I believe in fairytales! Sometimes when I look at people I see them as characters from fairytales and I see the truth of who they really are.

I believe I am Snow White!

I believe in people and I love them just because we are all human beings which are all connected and part of the same tapestry!

I belive in past lives! I believe that the soul never dies!

I believe in Quantum Physics!

I believe that everyone is born with a certain role and purpose for this life.

I belive that there is that one special person just for me!

What do you believe in?

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