Life is a treasure hunt

Today I had this insight that life is a journey where you discover what you already posess even before you where born, meaning everything you might want is already waiting for you. We already have everything, we were born like this, we were born rich, beautiful, and whatever else people desire to have in their life. All these are created already, we only have to discover them, to recognize them and to accept them into our life.


It is like a treasure hunt: you believe there is a treasure, you are excited about the journey, and take action by preparing for the journey and doing whatever it takes to find the treasure and you don´t give up until you find it, no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, because you know that in the end is all worth it. And it is the same, with everything we want to achieve in life. Whatever you decide it is important for you, you first have to believe that it is already there, waiting for you, you have to take action and prepare for it, and confront every obstacle in your way with bravery until you achieve your goal, objective or vision.

And as excited we are about a new discovery or treasure hunt, we should also be as excited about our life. And how exciting treasure hunts are!!Aren´t they?:=)

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